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American Classics MiDAS American Classics include Custard Bread Puddings and Cold Puddings as well as Hot Pudding Cakes and Cheesecake. Bakery Bakery products include a wide range of great tasting cookies and cakes to muffins, corn muffins, biscuit and sugar free products. Sugar Free MiDAS has been a pioneer in creating sugar free items that taste like they are made with sugar. From puddings and pie fillings to strawberry glaze, cakes and cookies, our sugar free options are remarkable for their great taste. Specialty Glazes MiDAS offers truly the finest Bananas Foster Glaze available anywhere for breakfast and dessert applications. But we don’t stop there. We also provide Cherries Jubilee, Crème Anglaise, Maple Glaze and others. Specialty Fillings We start with European Import quality Mousses and Pastry Cream and move on to include Cheesecake, Chiffon Pie Fillings, Puddings, Meringue, Lemon, and Key Lime.